Few words about us

Developed trading strategy

Sterling Capital Growth has developed a trading strategy capable of generating profits in both Bull and Bear markets by targeting mispriced stocks, developing a thesis for the future movement of a selected stock, then capitalizing when the market reacts in accordance with the team’s view. Our traders maintain a “watch list” of 20 to 30 longs and shorts from differing sectors (energy, financials, retail etc.) with near-term and medium-term catalysts.

Sterling Capital Growth seeks outsized performance while maintaining tight risk controls with a 3-5% hard stop loss. Our targets for monthly results range from 5% gains to less than 1% losses.

Our traders pay close attention to market sentiment knowing when stocks go up on negative news and down on the positive news, there is potential for either a pause or reversal of their recent trend. Seamless communication and familiarity between our traders is evident on the floor as they monitor trading positions and watch lists in real time and hold an end of the day synopsis every trading day.

Portfolio Guidelines

Typically 5-15 longs and 5-15 shorts • Positions held for approximately 3-5 days • Limit leverage exposure (except in certain hedged environments ) • Net exposure within -50% short to 50% long maintained by position discipline along with market hedging, strict risk management tools that mitigate systematic risk • Max “group” exposure to 25% net long or short